<Work with Us>

We don't want our clients to feel like they're just paying for software, we want them to feel that they are getting more value by working with us.

We’re interested in you, your business, your domain expertise, because that’s the best way to deliver a cutting-edge, business-wise custom software solution. We begin with a no cost, no obligation consultation meeting where we listen, and you describe your ideas, needs, and challenges.

<Our Process>

Designing the Foundation

Think of us like a construction company. When you want to build a house you tell them I want to build a house, a house with two stories, a garage, a basement - but there's so much more to know to really build what you want. Like to construction company we will ask questions - a lot of questions - to get from the big picture to more of the details (e.g. how many bedrooms. two or three car garage to details like what counter finishes, light fixtures and flooring).

This part of the process helps us gain a deeper insight into your business, your purpose, processes and challenges. These meetings help us understand the problem we are trying to solve, what the opportunities for improvement are with custom software, including documenting development tasks and estimates, costs and design mockups.

During Construction

Now that we have outlined a plan for your vision and assembled a team - let's get to work! Throughout development, we work closely with you in the production phase by having weekly status meetings, design sessions, demos and walkthroughs with you and even your users - constantly gathering feedback to optimize efficiency on the path to delivering the product you imagined.

Ongoing Partnership

We have built a great product together! If we have met our goals then that means we have exceeded your expectations – but we’re not done yet. DelMar wants to be your long-term business solutions partner.

To ensure a smooth and seamless integration of your software we can provide server set up and maintenance, technical support, training, documentation or other support to get you up and running.

And of course, we will also be here to sketch out new ideas, new features and enhancements for continued success.

<Project Management>

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